Thriving Lives & Businesses

It all started a couple of years ago in the
depth of the Amazonian rain forest with a ‘millenario’

(a tree who is more than 1.000 years old)



Every single day we hear about deforestation, pollution, extinction of species, social and political upheaval. How can it be that the world at large seems out of bound? That our society seems to be caught up in a suffocating system?

And how often do we ask ourselves "oh, but what can I do about it"? Actually, a lot: we can change our own lives, and through that, we change the world we live in. 

It is about time that we transform our lives, businesses, and ultimately society, to a natural and holistic state of being: a state in which we all thrive,
and the world thrives with us.


We need to remember what the ancient wisdom traditions and quantum physics teach us: that the inner state of our being reflects our outer reality - and vice versa. We are not separate from the world we live in, we are deeply interconnected with it.

We create from thought into matter, in resonance with what is around us.

Every artist knows this - this is how the most beautiful pieces of music are written, how the most brilliant ideas are brought to life. But this ultimately means that:

We create the world we live in - every day, through every action,
every single one of us.

This realization can be daunting, as it brings forth incredible responsibility, but also immense power and possibilities.



By now holistic living has a tremendous impact on our personal lives and well-being: on our nutrition, exercise regime and state of mind. Yoga, meditation and mindfulness for example are mainstream.

But our working styles and business models are far from holistic: a 'better, cheaper, faster' set of values is still paramount, and working environments are mostly characterized by time pressure and outdated, result-orientated processes enforced through monitoring and control.

Never before were the circumstances at work further away from the values we believe in:

Which world would we live in, if success was defined in sustainable, fair terms? 

What would markets and financial systems look like, if greed and domination were replaced by partnership and collaboration?

How would business be done if products and tasks were valued
by their sense of fulfillment and contribution to life?

Making this vision a reality might seem daunting at first. But first signs of a different future can already by glimpsed across society: the ‘Fridays for Future’ movement or Bitcoin are just the most prominent examples. More natural working styles and business models will soon be outperforming the current, traditional models - because they are more efficient, self-adjusting and simply healthier for entrepreneurs, employees and clients alike. This will undoubtedly transform the system inside out and bring about a societal change at a much larger scale.

How does a holistic, naturally thriving
working style or business model look like?

The answer is as simple as it is complex: “natural”. Nature is a living and constantly evolving ecosystem, more complex than our most advanced production chain. Why? We’re still playing in duality, nature is far beyond that… Quantum physics now scientifically proofs the underlying principle of nature’s interactions, a concept called animism: everything is alive and interconnected. Even without comprehending its full implications, this means that nature is the most successful holistic system there is.

Nature teaches us how to ‘naturally thrive’ and provides
unique perspectives for the critical topics of our time…


…all wrapped-up in a success formula that has stood the test of time.


Nature teaches us how to NATURALLY THRIVE

Thrive 4.jpg

How do we decipher this success formula to ‘naturally thrive’?

Humanity looks to nature for inspiration since the dawn of time: for medicine, shelter, food, etc. As a modern-day society, we also learn from nature in areas such as pharmaceuticals, nutrition, textiles, aviation, surface technologies, etc. The list of things we try to mirror from nature or replicate is endless - and yet it only represents a tiny fraction of what is out there. We are far from gaining the most basic understanding of what’s going on in rain forests, deep seas or outer space (or within our own brain for that matter). Life is complex and science can only play catch-up with nature: it tries to explain what we see, feel, or think, what we know to be true - because it exists and we can witness it - but cannot (yet) explain.

There is way to directly learn from nature though and stop the cumbersome process of replicating something that’s beyond our comprehension. The key to it is understanding nature’s language: energy. Energy is the way cells and neurological pathways form, sound transmits and trees communicate. It literally is the world we live in and the laws that define it - be it gravity or quarks. Again, quantum physics proofs it all: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” (Tesla)

If we can perceive energy and understand the way it flows and interacts in nature, then:

The magic of nature becomes a framework, a set of principles, approaches and methods that we can apply.

How does one “speak energy” though?

This is where flow states and superfluidity come in. These are mental states of peak performance, full involvement and energized focus. Professional athletes and the Marines train them extensively, the NASA and the Silicon Valley use them - they’re the epitome of what we colloquially call “being in the zone”. Other names would be transcendental states or altered states of consciousness (they of course have been around since millennia and were the way our ancestors interacted with nature).

Their principle is simple: they go beyond what we see, feel or think in our dual world into what we instinctively know and perceive. These states access a ‘larger perception or comprehension’ that allows us to tap into what we cannot yet explain. This is where solutions are found. Remember Einstein’s famous quote: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”? You just read about a way to overcome this!

How does this help us to ‘naturally thrive’?

Thriving Lives & Businesses defined tools & techniques that don’t replicate, but apply nature’s framework to our (traditional) working styles and business models. By combining ancient wisdom, latest scientific knowledge and consulting experience, nature’s handbook emerged:

  • Ways how to work and create in a more naturally flowing and therefore effortless, intuitive, self-adjusting, healthier way

  • Holistic business models, their design principles, operating and collaboration models, workflows and values that boost natural growth and expansion

  • System-inherit solutions that use conscious transformation instead of trial and error (that transform from the inside out instead of enforcing a drastic, system-threatening change, or that overcome obstacles by navigating them and thereby changing the circumstances bit by bit)

  • Understanding of innate, natural thriving structures and their blueprints - and what this means for products and services, project management and senior executives

This is the basis of Thriving Lives & Businesses services, and a contribution to making this world a holistic, naturally thriving one.